AIM Electronics Conflict Materials Protocol

Regarding the August 2012 SEC ruling on “Conflict Minerals”, and Section 1502 of the “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Protection Act”, Aim Electronics is striving to be a “good corporate citizen”. Aim Electronics is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and protection of people who use, encounter, and manufacture our products. Aim stipulates that virtuous social, environmental, and basic human rights standards be implemented by all Aim Suppliers.

  • Aim is working toward ensuring that products we distribute do not contain “Conflict Minerals”
  • Aim will identify to the extent of our knowledge products that have been targeted by Aim’s efforts to reveal “Conflict Minerals” inclusion by vendors or suppliers.
  • Aim will not knowingly purchase any products containing “Conflict Minerals”
  • Aim will encourage vendors and suppliers to be forthcoming with evidence of their compliance
  • Aim will re-source or modify its purchasing process in the event evidence is presented confirming use of “Conflict Minerals” by suppliers or vendors.
  • Aim is committed to process improvement ongoingly