Machine Shop Capabilities

Aim not only manufactures cable assemblies and harnesses and PCB, but also fabricates the chassis, mounting, front panels enclosures, and modifies existing enclosures for starters, controls, and large bay cabinets. Aim drills, punches, mills, forms, bends, and folds aluminum, steel, plastics, and composites. Coupled with its engineering capabilities, Aim provides a product that will meet all the aesthetic qualities required by the customer, while always being cost effective and on-time.

Machine Shop Major Tooling

  • Fadal EMC CNC
  • EMCO S/HCP Lathe
  • Maximat v13 Machine Press
  • Grangier GH30 Rail Cutter
  • Hurco VM1 CNC
  • Bridgeport w/phototrack (5)
  • AC colby lathe
  • Walker Jigsaw
AIM Electronics Support Desk

Feel free to reach out to us for your custom requirements. We are happy to searve you.


    Milling Machine
    CNC Milling Machine
    CNC Milling Machine
    CNC Milling Machine
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