Quality Component Protocol

Aim Electronics is committed to providing our customers quality franchised components. As the needs of our customers expand and change, Aim is required at times to provide non-franchised products. In those instances, Aim makes a maximum effort to establish a franchise relationship with the manufacturer. When that is not possible because of time constraints or other business logistics, Aim enacts the following protocol:

  1. No product may be purchased from any supplier with any history whatsoever of providing counterfeit goods or utilizes illegal labor sources or practices to manufacture the product.
  2. Non-franchised product will not be purchased from any source that does not have a chain of custody to a verified franchised source
  3. All manufacturing sources of components must be pre-qualified and approved by Aim Electronics Quality Assurance personnel and customers’ quality protocols if required, prior to order placement.
  4. Goods are procured and accepted only after stringent Aim Electronics quality requirements are met along with the performance of any unique testing requirements established by the customer.
  5. 100% of procured products originate from Aim franchised sources, third party franchised sources with identifiable tracked custody, or pre-qualified manufacturing facilities.